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Can I Really Name My Own Price?!?

Here Come the Tickle Bugs! is a book that brings as much joy to kids as you can possibly imagine. What kids love most is the fact that they will inevitably get tickled every time they read it!

When I (Uncle Sillyhead III) wrote this book, I poured as much love into it as I possibly could... and it shows. Because its effect is so positive, I'd like to encourage everyone to give this book out as gifts -- not only to your own children, but to all the kids in your life!

The maximum, bursting-with-elation period usually falls between ages 2-3, and then it becomes the perfect book for learning to read, up to age 6.

If you'd like, you can purchase Here Come the Tickle Bugs! at Amazon.com for $9.99, or...

Here at TickleBugs.com, we are offering it to you as a gift in an experiment of a paradigm-shifting gift economy. A gift economy is a model of exchange where I give to you from my heart without expectation. You, realizing that making and printing this book (not mass-produced by cheap labor overseas) costs real money, may want to cover the actual costs and support me and my work as an author/artist/peacemaker so I can live and keep producing and giving.

As I give to you with love and you give to me with love, this type of exchange actually makes us feel really great! It's a leap of trust where we, as strangers, become more like family.

So that's how it works. When you click on the "Get It!" button below, you will be taken to the Paypal page, where you can name your own price. There will be a shipping charge added to whatever you choose to give.

This book was written to make kids burst at the seams, and to provide you with a tool to make children as happy as they can possibly be. Happier kids make a happier, healthier world. And that's what the Tickle Bugs are here for!

So, be sure the kids in your life get to experience Tickle Bug joy during the formative years of their lives. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

If you'd like multiple copies sent to the same address, please contact us by email.

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Say "YES" to giggles! To get a sneak peak at some pages from HERE COME THE TICKLE BUGS!, click here!