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As new as it is, Yahoo.com calls HERE COME THE TICKLE BUGS! an all-time "classic." ExecutiveParent.com lists it as one of the great children's books. Parents everywhere are having the time of their lives - thrilled by the interactive nature of the book and the priceless parent-child bonding moments it creates. And the kids... oh man! If kids could write reviews...

HERE COME THE TICKLE BUGS! is not just another children's book. It's a book with a mission - the mission is to bring fun and laughter and happiness and JOY to a whole new level. This book was written to make your kids burst at the seems - to provide you with a tool to make your child as happy as he or she can possibly be. Happier kids make a happier, healthier world. And that's what the Tickle Bugs are here for!

As a small, independent publisher, we may not have the muscle to get this book listed on all the best-sellers, but over and over, time and time again - we keep hearing stories about how kids love this book way beyond any other.

Based on all this outstanding feedback, we are willing to make you this bold offer:

If HERE COME THE TICKLE BUGS! does not become your child's #1 most favorite book, just send it back and we will refund your money in full! We're not just saying we guarantee they will like it, we are guaranteeing that they will like it MORE THAN ANY OTHER CHILDREN'S BOOK!!!

How is that for a guarantee? So...

Say "YES" to giggles! Afterall, the giggles are fully guaranteed!!

BONUS: Collector's Edition!

When you buy HERE COME THE TICKLE BUGS! directly from TickleBugs.com, you will get a first edition copy autographed by Uncle Sillyhead III himself!

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