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children's contest

Let's face it, the expression "kill two birds with one stone" is very useful, but it's not very nice. So let's come up with a substitute!

Send us your ideas! The top three will win free copies of HERE COME THE TICKLE BUGS! And the winner will also have the pleasure of knowing that they will be making the world just a little bit friendlier!

All entries will be voted on by the Tickle Bugs themselves.

Good luck!


Tickle two tummies with one finger.

Location Unknown


Love two animals with one heart!
Write two things with one pencil.
Talk to two people with one phone.
Send two e-mails with one computer.
Comb two heads of hair with one brush.
Dance to two songs with one loved one.

San Jose, CA


Plant two flowers with one seed.

Thomas Wynn
location unknown


Achieve 2 tasks at 1 go.

Catherine Chong
location unknown


Bake two cakes in one pan.

Denise Baker
location unknown

81 Tie two loose ends at once.

Marnie Morneault
Augusta, ME


Accomplish two things at once.

Mike Craft
Tucson Arizona


Euthanization of a pair of avian creatures employing the application of a single, naturally occurring aggregate of minerals.

Richard Brydle
location unknown


Write 2 songs with one word
Eat 2 sandwiches with 1 bite
Love 2 people with 1 soul
Take 2 steps with 1 foot
Leap 2 mountains with 1 jump
Hop 2 stones with 1 foot

Puff Stuff
Location unknown


Feed two cats with one bird.

M. Rick
Janesville, WI


Plant two trees with one seed.

Ricardo Brown-Salazar
Panama, Panama


Free two birds with one key.

Old Greenwich, CT

Eat two jelly beans with one mouth
Drive two cars on one road Two bugs on one leaf Anonymous
Location Unknown
89 Inspire two minds with one great head
Pass two grades with one Book

Klamath Falls, OR
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