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Meet the Tickle Bugs!
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Meet the Tickle Bugs!
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Hi, I'm Pinkie!
    Yo! Yo! I'm Rosco!
    Howdy, I'm Sparky!
    Hello! I'm Summer!
    Hey, hey! I'm Jazz!
    Hi! I'm Classy!
    Hola! I'm Bobo!
    Hi! I'm Uncle Silly...who?

Kid Power!

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What are your favorite types of BUGS?? VOTE!

What are your favorite CHILDREN'S BOOKS? VOTE!

Who are your favorite CARTOON CHARACTERS? VOTE!

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More Kid Power!

The Tickle Bugs love to tickle kids. If you have the book, then you know what it's like to be TICKLED!!

Check out the Tickle Section and tell us what you think! Cause we certainly don't know! Or see what other kids think.
and Even MORE Kid Power!
Have you checked out the SILLY ROOM?? (coming soon!)