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free online games for kids

Free Online Games for Younger Kids
Some of our favorites:

  • 4 Kids 2 Play
    The name says it all. Many games for kids to play.
  • Alphabet Action
    Learn the alphabet with this interactive activity. Click on a letter to hear its name and see a picture.
  • Big Comfy Couch Games
    Join Loonette, Molly, and the Dustbunnies for 6 fun online games which help to teach preschoolers about letters, numbers, colors, and telling time.
  • Bob the Builder
    A visit to Bob the Builder's town is always full of fun and interesting things to do. Help Bob put away the tools in his tool shed, assemble radiator pipes in Wendy's home, help Mr. Dixon with his deliveries, or choose from six other activities.
  • Dora the Explorer
    Get ready for fun and adventure with Dora the Explorer and her best friend, Boots! Play online games, read a story, learn how to say words in English and Spanish, color a picture online, plus lots more.
  • Fun With Spot
    At this Official Spot Website you can play interactive games when you visit the park, beach, farm, or join Spot at a party. Also included are activity sheets, a biography of Spot's creator, Eric Hill, plus much more.
  • GameGoo
    Join the gooey gang at GameGoo for a delightful collection of activities made for children in the Kindergarten through 2nd Grade age groups. Each game teaches as it entertains and features spiffy graphics, animation, and sound effects. Get your share of gooey fun today!
  • Rolie Polie Olie
    You've seen Rolie Polie Olie on TV, now visit him on his web site! Play a game, make your own picture, color, listen to the Rolie Polie Band, or read a book and help find Spot.
  • Teletubbies
    The Teletubbies have a ton of fun in store for you! Choose from dozens of games, activities, nursery rhymes, and more.


*Much of this list is derived from KidSites.com