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"'When children are silly, no kisses or hugs. Only tickles from the Tickle Bugs!' HERE COME THE TICKLE BUGS is a very colorful "interactive" story for young children. Interactive in that it suggests that parents tickle along while reading the story. My 6-year-old begged me to read it at least twenty times during the first few days we had it, just for that reason. Every time the page said "Here come the tickle bugs!" she squealed with delight as she was tickled too. The story was very simple and cute, the illustrations colorful, vibrant, and eye-appealing-no scary bugs here. And, the most important part, my daughter loved it. Here's the conversation after reading it the first time: "So, did you like it?" "Yes! I love it! I love it so much! Read it again. Read it again." Why not put your child to the "tickle" test? Your little ones will enjoy this, and you'll enjoy making them laugh. I did." (Lisa Ramaglia, ScribesWorld.com)


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