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Welcome to TickleBugs.com - home of the world famous Tickle Bugs!!! Shhh... Did you know that the Tickle Bugs are hiding right now? Why? They're hoping to spot some silly kids! If you've read the book, then you know EXACTLY what the Tickle Bugs do when they find a silly kid. So YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT, 'cause YOU may be next!!

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Look Out India: Here Come the Tickle Bugs!

The Tickle Bugs arrived at Manav Sadhna, an organization based at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India. At Manav Sadhna, they give food and education and lots of love to children who are poor. Uncle Jayesh, who started Manav Sadhana, showed illustrations from the book HERE COME THE TICKLE BUGS! to some of the kids there, and they loved it! He said, "Hey, let's print copies of HERE COME THE TICKLE BUGS! in our language, Gujarati, so that the kids here can follow along." Thanks to Uncle Jayesh and Uncle Hammesh from the publisher Rannade Prakashan, 2000 books have now been printed in Gujarati!


Watch out, kids of India -- Get ready to giggle! -- because "Here Come the Tickle Bugs!"

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