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Hey,Bobo My name is Amanda and blue is my all-time favorite color!! I'm 13 years old and a very silly kid. I'm very ticklish under the armpits, so tickle away if you wish! Where are you most ticklish? Could you please email me back and tell me?

Your buddy,Amanda


Hello Bobo. My name is Donnie, I am 6 years old. I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers. My sister, Sylvana, thinks you are the coolest tickle bug cuz she likes your name and blue is her favourite colour in the world. She said you are cool just like her and she should be a tickle bug cuz she ticles me lots. But I have to go and eat supper. Please write back to me. Thank you.

Luv your friend


Dear Bobo,

I love you!  Come visit me next time. I love you Bobo. Bye-bye!!

- Princess Nora

I love you Bobo.


Love Andrea

Hi Bobo! I'm Alicia .I LOVE YOUR POEM SO MUCH! I love the color blue too!

Write Back,

- Alicia      June 9th , 2000

Hello Bobo   my  name  is BRIAHNA  I Like your name it is a cute name. 


Hey little bobo, it's sure great to see that not only clowns are named after me.. 

My friends started calling me bobo about 15 years ago and rarely do I see it used as a name unless the object is a clown or monkey.  A caterpillar is better?

sure it is.....he's cute.  best wishes,

heather "BoBo" 
Dear BoBo,

BoBo you are my favorute caracter in the story I have the book and I always read it before bedtime!! you are the best.



Bobo, Why do they call you Bobo? I love the color blue. I can see you do. 

-Author unknown

to bobo

   you have a very nice colour blue skin and i like your hat with the feather did you get it for Christmas? I got a furby baby .

luv heather

To Bobo

        HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!!!!   Thank you for my last E-Mail!!!   I printed your picture of the computerand coloured it, it was very fun.   How old are you ?   Are the rest of the tickle bugs your brothers or just your friends?

 Who are your best friends?  I am 10.  I have two brothers Daniel who is 13 and Joseph who is 15 my mum is called Karen and my dad is called Graham they are both 44.  My best friends are called Emma, Rosie and Hannah.

Please remind me the names of all the other tickle's


P.S. Please say hello to all of the tickle's for me.

P.S. .BYE BYE!!!

hi bobo .  what are you doing?

-Author unknown 

Dear Bobo,

 I love you! I think your the best tickle bug there is! Do you like to tickle people on their tummys? Do you have any brothers or sisters that you like to tickle? Do you like to be tickled??? Are you ticklish!? Well please send back to me ok? And if you can send a picture of you tickling someone ok? please!

your friend


hi bobo my name is Gregory and i would like to know l little bit more about you, and what i could do in order to learn and play and maybe even get my own e-mail address so that we could write to each other but right now my mother's e-mail address is ____@___

please send me some free stuff.

i am 10 years old i lust love your website !!!!!

When i tried to colour on colour bobo nothing happened so please make it easyer.

please email me

-Author unknown

i was wondering if you could send a picture of bobo and a picture of jazz

really love those 2 txs


i love bobo


-Author unknown

dear bobo,

    hi   I have a doll named bobo too

-Author unknown 

BoBo you are the cutest most adorable tickle bug of them all !! I love you Please write back! love ya bunches


Hi! My name is Alyssa! I love the ticklebugs! Are you ticklish? Do you like to tickle people? Do you like to be tickled? Where is your favorite place to tickle people more? I really like you the best! But i have to go have dinner


your friend Alyssa

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