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Hey,Jazz, you're an awesome dude! Praying mantis'are my favorite bugs, ya know!Maybe sometime you could drop by my house and tickle me!!



My name is Donnie. I am 6 years old. I like your name. it is very funky. Well I have to go but please write me back.

your friend Donnie

Dear Jazz,

We are a first grade class from IIlinois.  We found out that after the mother lays her eggs that she eats the dad.  The Praying Mantis eats other insects.  We learned that when the egg case hatches 200 eggs come out.  We know that praying mantises hatch out of the eggs they float down.

-From Mrs. Oesch's and Mrs. Cady's First Grade Class

Jazz, we love you. The Boys!!!  We want you to write us a letter.

-Kaufman First Graders

Dear Jazz why are you purple.

Because praying mantis are green and brown.  I have to go now bye Jazz   

-Author Unknown

Hi, Jazz!

My name is Jeremiah.  I tried to read your book online but the pages after the first one were all blank.  Can you help me be able to read the Tickle Bugs book?

Thank for helping me

Jazz,  do you have your own web site like maybe us .com or org!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Author Unknown


Hi, my name is Courtney.  

dear tickllebugs my favorite one of you is gaz and classy

-Author Unknown

ryy5yuakip jjpppl[hbvx

We are learning numbers and about praying mantis.
yul[88i' ;ytrbbvvb fferxsfe5yyffyy4768i65o

Bye for now.


hi jazz what's up? jazz do you like the blues jazz well i like the blues im chris

6 years old

i was wondering if you could send a picture of bobo and a picture of jazz

really love those 2 txs


you are cool as can be!!!
  so keep being cool!!!!!ya

hello jazz i am very ticklish on my tummy and very illy kid

-Author unknown

hEy hOw arE yoU? i'M seNdiNg yOu a tIcKle! ,

bYE fRoM~

~*~{ bAtMAn}~*~

I love you guys! Do you guys like to be tickled? Were are you ticklish the most? Are you ever tickled? who out of all of you is the ticklisest? Do you ever gang up on him/her and tickle tickle tickle?


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