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Jimmy says hi, he likes roly poly bugs.  He held some
in his hand today.  Nice to meet you, have a great

From, Jimmy and his mom patti

Dear Pinkie,

Hi, I'm Chelsey, and I think you are very pretty. Here are some facts about me: I am ticklish. I am 10 years old. My favorite color is pink.

Here are some questions I want to ask you: Are you ticklish? Will you tickle me?

Say hi to all the other Tickle Bugs for me!

Love, Chelsey

My name is Emma! I'm 6 years old! Are you ticklish?? Did you ever tickle anyone before? Can you tickle me? I love you!

hi pinkie my name is harley and im 7 years old even though ive never read the book i love your web site i do want to read your book soon though if you will please write to me and say hello i would realy like that.

love harley walker

Hello,Pinkie! I love you very much. Where are you most ticklish? Could you tell me?

Your Friend, Amanda

hi pinkie,

Hi pinkie! I'm here with Dana 24 years old, Brooke 8 years old, Tyler 5 years old, Dalton 3 years old Brice 1 year old, Chris 26 years old, Chase 2 years old, Will 2 years old, Anabell 1 year old, Bob 1 year old, Pete 3 years old, Chase 3 years old, Cauy 4 years old, David 4 years old, Mackenzie 3 years old, Kade 1 year old, Bob 4 years old, Edward 2 years old, Mike 1 year old, Kayla 1 year old, Alex 12 years old, Berney 3 years old, Michael 5 years old, Chad 12 years old, Snow 1 year old, Dreak 5 months old, Duke 6 years old, Donald 3 years old, Amy 21 years old, Kollin 8 years old, Kaylinn 10 years old, and 2 more coming. There is also me Brittany age 13. We love you Rolie Polie and we just wanted to say hi. WRITE BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way my favorite color is pink just like you. My favorite tv show is Friends and my favorite cartoon is Winnie The Pooh. My favorite books are The Giving Tree and Pollyanna. My favorite bug is a rolie polie just like you too. My favorite song is My Band and Roses. What about you? What do you like? My favorite thing to do is sew. I am so happy to get to talk to you. Please respond!!!! THANKS

Love Bratney


Pinkie you are the coolest. You have all the chicks liking you!! I wish i could be as popular as you. I am a 13 year old boy. I would have no problem getting a date!!!


hi pinkie,

love Blaine & Natalie

Dear Pinkie,

OMG!!! I love the color pink too! I'm in the seventh grade and probbly kinda old 4 the site but i just love pink. and Iove 50 cent.


Dear pinkie,

My name is Megan and I am a huge fan of pink
My walls are pink my carpet is pink just in my room. My curtains are pink and almost every thing I own is pink


p.s. I am 13 and in 7th grade

To Pinkie,

    My name is Danielle. I am writing for my little sister Dana. She is 3 and can't  type yet. She also likes the color pink too!

-Author Unknown

I love you pinkie.  the world is wonderful. I play lots of games watch TV and play the computer.  I love butterflies and rolie polies. My favorite colors are pink, yellow and purple.  What is your favorite thing to eat and play?

Love,   lennie

 PS I am 5 years old.  How old are you?


We love you!!! From the girls!!!!   Please write us a letter.

-Kaufman first graders


U R so pretty!

-Princess Nora

Dear Pinkie,

My name is Bethany! I am in fifth grade! I think your website is cool. I'm 10!




Dear Pinkie,

You are cool and pretty! and you are Beautiful!

I am 7 and in 2nd grade!




pinkie i got your message.  i loved it  i got it at exactly  4:27 pm on thursday april 27,2000!!!!!!!!!      i was so suprised it got here so fast but i like it like that...   say hello to all the tickle bugs for me!!! o.k.  well gotta  go

love shala c....

Hi, Pinkie!

My name is Jeremiah.

I understand that you are a roly poly.  I like roly polys.  I think you guys are cute and fun to watch.  I touch you and you roll up in a ball!!!!!!  I do not want to hurt you guys just play.


hi pinkie whats your favorite food?

is summer your best friend?

is rosco  a nice  katy did or not?

does  jazz listen to jazz  music?

is classy  really classy  ?

how old is bobo?

tell all the tickle  bugs hi  for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 -Author Unknown

Dear Pinkie

    Salutations!!!  I am very glad to meet you.  My name is Maxine,but please call me by my middle name Emily.  I am 9.  Have you ever seen the 1934 movie  Anne of Green Gables?  In that movie guess who plays Anne Shirley? Well who better than Anne Shirley her self.  Perhaps we can be pen pals.

 Sencerely, your friend,



just what kind of bug are you....

-Author Unknown

Hi Pinkie.I love the color pink just like you.I also love rollypollies.I use to collect them, but I let them free after Iwas done with them.Well I can not think of anything eals to say,so by.

Your new friend, 


Dear Pinkie,

My name is Bethany!  I am in fifth grade!  I think your website is cool.  I'm 10!  WRITE BACK!



Dear Pinkie

You are cool and pretty!  and you are Beautiful!  I am 7 and in 2nd grade!


Love, Kacie

Dear Pinkie,

How are you?

-Author Unknown
hello pinkie,

i'm a 6 year old girl and im turning 7 on the 16th of April.and my name is Bree-anna

i like your friends and they are kind to.I have go now so bye pinkie and write back to me soon!

    Bree-Anna xxxoooxxxooo

hi pinky,

i am 13 and writing to you for a surprise for my neice. i was wondering if u could please send her an e-mail saying happy birthday to her! her name is bree-anna and she has written to you before she loves you so much!!! her birthday is april 16th but please send it as soon as u can!!!!


 her Aunty maree

I love Pinkie very much because pink is my very, very ,very, very, very, very ,very, very ,very ,and very ,favorite color .. your's turely,


hi pinkie my name is kaitlin and my favorite color is pink too. My dog Ruby likes pink too. You are pretty. I like you.


while i am writeing theis my baby bird (1 day old) is suking on my finger!! twice a rolly polly had babys in my hand!

love blue eyes

Hi Pinkie!

It's me-Danielle. I'm 15 years old. How old are you. I was bored online and I found your webpage. I like it a lot, it's pretty cool. Pink is one of my favorite colors, although it is thrid on my list because green and purple are first and second. What other colors do you like? Do you play any sports? I play tennis and I like to play softball but I'm not too good so I'm not on the school's team but I'm on the tennis team. I also enjoy to watch, but not play, hockey and football. What kind of music do you like? I like pop, rap, R&B, rock, country, and oldies. My favorite bands are Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Creed, and Tim McGraw. I've been to 2 Nsnyc concerts and 1 BSB concert. My favorite TV shows are Dawson's Creek, 7th Heaven, and That 70's Show. My favorite holiday is Christmas, so I'm very glad that it is! coming up. What are your favorite TV shows and what is your favorite holiday. Well, I better be going. Talk to you later, Pinkie.



Dear pinkie,

My favorite color is pink.My moms favorite color is red.My dads favorites color is dark blue.My brothers favorite color is lite blue. My grandmas favorite color is purple. My grandpas favorite color is green.

Love, Dilara

Hi Pinky! I really like the ticklebugs! I think your the best though!

Do you like to tickle people?

your friend


Hi Pinkie My name is Vanessa!!!!!

You are cute!!!! I am 9 years old!!

I am in 4th grade!!!!!

I have a sister her name is Marissa!!!

I forgot my color is pink!!!


Dear Pinkie,

My name is Dilara. My favorite season is summer.My favorite fruit is strawberries and my favorite color is pink.My brothers favorite color is blue.My moms favorite color is red.My dads favorite color is dark blue.My grandmas favorite color is purple.My grandpas favotrite color is green.I wonder what your favorite color is?

Love, Dilara


I really like you...especially the pink one because pink is my favorite color.


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