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Hi Sparky

You are best


Hello sparky. My name is Donnie. I am 6 years old. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. My older brother, Nathan's favourite coulor is yellow, just like you. But I have to go, so please write back. Thank you.

Luv your friend


Hi, Sparky!

My name is Jeremiah. 

I love to look at fireflies on summer nights.  My Aunt Teresa is going to buy me a firefly lantern to hold my fireflies in when I catch them at night.  Do not be afraid because I will always let my fireflies go before I go in at night.  I promise I will never hurt a firefly.  You guys are too pretty when you light up the summer night.  Thank you for my making my summer nights so very pretty.


i really want sparkle as a pet on the internet! please

-Author unknown

hi sparky! What are your other friends names again? i love youre book

-Author Unknown

Hi Sparky.

Hows it going? Sparky did you know that you are a cool bug? Sparky if you were a human you would be cooler.

well got to go bye


Are you ticklish Sparky? Do you like to be tickled? Do the other ticklebugs like to gang up on you and tickle?


Sparky I drew a picture for you but dont have your address can you send it to me?

In His Love
Cindy <*}}}><

Hi. I just saw some stuff about you.It was really fun.I have to go



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make everything YELLOW!

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