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My name is Donnie. I am 6 years old. I like your name. Mostly because I like the summer. Thats when all the butterflies come. I like butterflies too. I think they are pretty. Well I have to go eat now. So please write me back if you have time.

Your friend Donnie

Dear Summer,

 I love your name and this is my first time being on here because my teacher introduced this site to me and I really love the group. And guess what .... your the best one in the group because me and you are just alike because I like orange and flowers and I love butterflies by see you later always


We hope summer will be the best.

-Author unknown

Hi, Summer!

My name is Jeremiah.  I like butterflies.  You are very pretty.  I like to watch butterflies fly  from flower to flower.  Would like to catch one one day!!!!!!!


I like summer becasue she has pretty colors

-Author Unknown


Summer you are the prettiest butterfly. I love butterflies, this summer I raised three Monarch's and we just let them go to fly to Mexico. I hope we can stay friends on the web site, I think your neat.

age 7
Woodlawn, Va

Hi Summer! My name is Alyssa. I like you best of all,but I like the others to! Do you like to tickle people? do you have a special person you like to tickle? Please send back.

i love summer

-Author unknown

Hi. My name is Kacy. I am 7 years old. My favrite color is orange. I love butterflies. Please rite me back.

hello, you are very pretty and I love butterflies all kinds of butterflies I like the color yellow too......



Dear Summer,

I really want to know about how caterpillars turn into butterflys. Can you please send me some pictures of caterpillars transforming into butterfly? I can't wait to hear your response.


Age 6

Hi again summer! Where do you like to tickle people the most? Did you ever get tickled in your lifetime? Are all the tickle bugs ticklish? Well enough with the questions! How are you ? Do you want to be penpals and write to eachother a lot? I hope so! Got to go though! Bye!

summer, do you want to be my penpal? i really love the color of your wings! it is sooo pretty! i think you look awsome!

well ttyl


p.s i am 11

Hi, I'm Ashleigh Noel Herrick and I'm in sixth grade! Were do you live? How old are you? I'm eleven years old. Maybe we can get together sometime.




hi my name is megan i love ticklebugs.especially ladybugs & butterflys o ya i am 9.

  well i got 2 go

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