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Welcome to TickleBugs.com - home of the world famous Tickle Bugs!!! Shhh... Did you know that the Tickle Bugs are hiding right now? Why? They're hoping to spot some silly kids! If you've read the book, then you know EXACTLY what the Tickle Bugs do when they find a silly kid. So YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT, 'cause YOU may be next!!

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"Priceless joy."

Wahoo! You found us!! You've just come across one of the most fun and joyous children's books on the planet. This is not just another cute children's book. This is a book that will bring some of the SILLIEST, HAPPIEST, most JOYOUS moments your child will ever have.

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Send us your Tickle Bug drawings! Like this one from Jasmine, age 6.

"I love you pinkie. the world is wonderful..."

Read letters to Pinkie, like this one from Lennie, age 5.

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Sure, some bugs eat other bugs, but the Tickle Bugs are not your ordinary bugs. The Tickle Bugs are VEGAN!

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What's New?

The Tickle Bugs are helping to create a "Kid Revolution" in world peace. Check it out!

Here Come the Tickle Bugs! is now printed in Gujrati! Here come the Indian giggles!

Our contest is making headlines! The Brian Lehrer Show of WNYC in New York dedicated a whole show to the theme.

Yahoo! lists Here Come the Tickle Bugs! as an all-time "classic."

The Tickle Bugs are going global! TickleBugs.com donated 240 books to Airline Ambassadors, who will distribute them to children worldwide. We've also donated books to Akansha, Books for Love, Manav Sadhna, Peta, Earth Island Institute, and many other great groups and organizations. May children everywhere be happy!


"My 3-1/2 year old granddaughter got Here Come The Tickle Bugs! for Christmas. We have had so much fun reading it together! Not only is it great to read(and tickle), but the play spills over to our daily activities. When she does something silly, I will say "You know what happens to kids who are silly..." and Nora says (with glee!) "They get tickles!" and she's laughing even before the Tickle Bugs attack. Sometimes, I'm the silly one, and Nora tickles me. It's become a wonderful addition to our lives. Thanks!"

- Leigh, Old Greenwich, CT

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