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Meet the Tickle Bugs!
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Hi everyone!

I'm Classy and I'm a Tickle Bug lady bug. That means that I look a lot like other ladybugs with my red shell and my black spots, but I'm a little different. For one, I like to tickle silly kids! Also, instead of eating aphids like most ladybugs, I like to eat vegan food. Most ladybugs eat between 75-100 aphids (little tiny bugs) every day, but not me - ick! I prefer to snack on delicious plants instead, chewing from side to side. Yummm!

Did you know that ladybugs are actually beetles and not bugs. It's true! So you could also say that I'm a Tickle Bug Lady Beetle. There are over 290,000 different kinds of beetles in the world, more than any other type of insect or animal!

Most people think that us ladybugs are pretty and most garderners like to see us because we keep gardens healthy. Some people even think we're a sign of good luck. I don't know about all that, but what I do know is that if you see me, there's a good chance you're about to be Tickled!

We usually like to spend our time in shrubs and fields, in trees and logs, but I like to spend my time in books and sneaking up on silly kids! We flap our little wings 85 times a second when we fly, which lets us get away from mean bugs trying to catch us, but even if they try, we let off an icky smell and we play dead. Plus, we taste yucky, so we're pretty safe.

Well, that's about it. Sometimes we hibernate or sleep for a long time, and we don't like weather that's too cold. As we get older, our spots begin to fade, but that takes a while, because some of us can live as long as 2-3 years!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about ladybugs. If you happen to see one, be very gentle and kind to it because you never know, it might even be me!


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