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Hello. My name is Donnie, I am 6 years old. How are you? I am good. It is almost September and I cant wait to get to grade 1. My favourite coulor is red and so is my sister's. Her name is Sylvana, she is going into grade 11. I also have 4 other brothers and 1 other sister. My mom had 7 kids. So I have a really big family. But I have to go, but please write me back. Thank you.

Luv your friend


Hi, Classy!

My name is Jeremiah.

I like ladybugs.  I have lots of ladybugs at my house.  You guys are so very pretty.  I like your black spots!!!!!!  They are great big polka dots!!!!!!!   I am at my Aunt Teresa's house playing on the computer.


To Classy,

I would like to know what ladybugs eat okay thanks alot!!!  Well bye for now !!!  Oh yeah don't forget I really need to know!!!!


-From Krista
dear Classy,

 my name is taylor im 11 years old.for a long time i've loved ladybugs. i wish there was someway i could have your picture on my screen saver.well nice talking to ya.



dear tickllebugs my favorite one of you is gaz and classy

-Author unknown

Hi, I'm Ashleigh and I'm in sixth grade! How old are you? I'm eleven years old. I'm silly and sassy,too. Were do you live? write back soon!



Hi Classy.

My name is Jaelah and I'm 4 years old. I wanted to tell you I love you.

Bye Bye.

To Classy,

Are you a ladybug? OH remember me I used to email you and I asked you what ladybugs eat. Here are a few questions I have for you:

1. Do bees die after they sting someone?
2. Are there all different kind of bugs at ticklebugs or just a few different kinds?
3. Do worms have eyes?

Please email me back and tell me at _____@___. Thanks so far!!!!

From Anon

Hi  Classy   my   name   is    Kammie

Good   Bye   


what do you eat?

I am 7 years old, my name is Mikele. How are you classy.


hi my name is megan i love ticklebugs.especially ladybugs & butterflys o ya i am 9.

well i got 2 go

-Author unknown

Are you ticklish classy? Do you like to tickle the other ticklebugs? Do they like to tickle you?



I like your website. My mom let's me go there. Here is a picture of Jazz I made for you. We are home taught and we love to draw. Keep the website going I love it!


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