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Meet the Tickle Bugs!
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Hey kids, Rosco here! Did you know that I'm not just a katydid, I'm a spiny katydid! And I'm not just a spiny katydid, I'm a Tickle Bug spiny katydid. That means that I look a lot like other spiny katydids, but I'm a little different.

Us spiny katydids come from the rainforests of Central and South America.

We're pretty big compared to most insects - usually around 2.5 to 3 inches in length.

Most spiny katydids eat flower parts, insects and seeds. Me? Flower parts are delicious. What a treat! Seeds, Mmmm... good. But insects? No way! Not me. Us Tickle Bugs are VEGAN.

Like other male katydids I like to sing by rubbing rough areas of my wings together. The female katydids all gather round to listen to us. Did you know that my ears are located part way down my front legs? It helps me to hear all the giggles when I'm tickling!

Sometimes bats will hear our singing and try to eat us. That's why we've got these spikes all over us. We don't like to be eaten. Those bats are sure surprised when they try! In fact, our spikes keep us very protected. That's why we spend our time singing and tickling - because we're safe and happy!!

The tropical rainforest where we come from are quickly being chopped down. We really need help in protecting our forests. Did you know that you can help save our forests? click here!


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