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Okay, Do Ticklebugs tickle Ticklebugs? If so which one? I'm Daria and I'm 9. I LLLLLOOOOOVVVEE GREEN, and I'm not afraid to say it even if I'm a girl. Oh,and I'm in 6th grade.Please write back.

Your friend, Daria

dear rosco,

i like how you look crazy!!!!! my favorite color is green too!!!!!!

love your friends, alyssa and leanna

Hi,Rosco! My name is Amanda and I'm 13 years old. I happen to be very ticklish under the armpits and a very silly kid. You're the coolest, Rosco and I wish you could tickle me for real. Perhaps we could be pen pals because I really need someone to talk to and tickle me. I'll talk to you again sometime. Please email back!

Your friend,Amanda

I my name is Cristey I like your name Rosco. I am 9 years old how old are you Rosco.
HI! Rosco my favorite show is spongbobsquarepants.


Hi my name is Tessa. I am 9 years old. and I love Sponge Bob.you dont know her, but my best friend is Victoria.

Hello! my name is Donnie. I am 6 years old. I am not in school today so me and my big sister are writing you a letter to you. I think you are the coolest of the tickle bugs. (Shhhhhhhh dont tell). My favourite colour is green, just like you. What is a spiny katydid anyways? Well I have to go eat lunch now. So if you can please email me.

Thanx. Bye
Your friend,


Hi, Rosco!

My name is Jeremiah.

I like the Tickle Bugs.  You are a funny looking bug but I like you.  My favorite color is green. 


Yo Brosco, 

             Whats up.  You know how you are a katydid well my name is Katie.  Thats cool ha.  Out of all the tickle bugs you are the best.  A katydid has been my favorite bug since I new what a bug was.  Have you ever got a email from a gril before me?  I call my uncal a tickel bug ,because he alwase tickles me.  I am not at my houes.  I'm at my great grandma's houes.  I have not much more to say ,but how old are you.  I'm 11.

Your new friend,


Yo rosco.  Geuss what .You knew how your a katydid well my name is Katie.  My friends call me Kakay.  I think your the tightest out of the tickel bugs.  Do you get a lot of letters from grils,or boys?  Well you probely know I am a gril.  I am not at my houes.  I am at my grate grandma's houes.  She lives 7 miles past Aburn.  I live in N.H,Californa.  Were do you live?  I have not much more to say, but how old are you, I am 12 yeas old.

Dear Rosco:

You are the coolest tickle bug of them all.  I love your red tongue and spiny legs.  Send me an autographed picture if you have one.  Thanks.



rosco we think you are abbudaboo.tickle tickle tickle.  who do you like tickling most? could it be Summer?tickle tickle tickle.  have you a girlbug?  tickle tickle tickle.

love and tickles



Rosco, You are cool. I like you. My mommy printed a picture of you for me I will color it and send it to you.

Joshua Age 3 Woodlawn, Va

Hi, I am hannah. jhtupu764euyigtghku'iuh

We are just starting school. Can you tell me what a katydid does in the garden?

We are learning numbers. rthbnbb hj,,k,

Bye for now.

Thank you.

hi rosco

i like your friends sparky and you to. i am 6 years old.


Hi Rosco!

I have so many questions! Are you the ticklishest in the group? If not who is? Do you like to gang up on him/her? Are you ticklish in your armpits? Do you like to tickle?Well of course! Do you like to tickle the other ticklebugs? Do they like to tickle you to? Well thats enough for you to think of! See ya!


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