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Friends and Links

  Here are some links to friends of TickleBugs.com and other sites you may want to know about.  
FriendsWithoutBorders.org - This is an awesome letter writing campaign that allows kids to help create world peace started by Uncle Sillyhead III. You must check it out. Also found here.

Circle of Life - For 738 days, Julia Butterfly Hill lived in a redwood tree to help protect the forest she loved dearly. She made a difference, and indeed EACH OF US can make a difference. With a little love, a little awareness, and a commitment to live what you believe, we can create a beautiful world. Uncle Sillyhead also works with Circle of Life.

PETA - If you've ever had a pet, than you probably know that animals are every bit as alive, feeling, caring, and intelligent in their own ways as people. What's happening in our world in the name of meat is unspeakably bad and PETA is working to change that. It's time for the human race to evolve to vegan/vegetarian diets. That, more than anything, will change the world.

The Tickle Bugs themselves are vegetarian, you know!

DailyGood - Want a bit of positivity and insight everyday in your mailbox? Sign up for the free quote-a-day and you won't be disappointed. Does Uncle S. have anything to do with this? Mmmaybe...