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Safety on the Net


1. Our site is kid-safe.

2. We do, on occasion, link to other sites. Though we will always do our best to carefully select sites we feel safe and suitable, we don't have absolute control over the links or banner ads that those sites may have. Parental supervision is always a good idea. Though we doubt it will ever be an issue, if there are ever any questionable links, please let us know.

3. When kids send e-mail to us, it is handled by the Tickle Bugs only. We always encourage parents to write with their kids and we always try to end the conversation with our responses. For instance, we rarely ask questions.

4. We never ask for any significant personal information and we never publish any personal information on our site. At times, we may mention a first name and a town. This minimal amount of information we feel to be harmless.

5. We don't share any user information, including e-mail addresses, with anyone.

6. We are not gathering any information of any kind about anyone.

7. We are committed to a completely safe site for kids. If you have any concerns or suggestions on how we can improve, please don't hesitate to contact us.