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Tickle Bugs in the Media


THE TICKLE BUGS in the Bookstore:

You Are Here Kids & Family Internet Guide
by Eric Leebow

TickleBugs.com is listed in the book as a must-stop for kids and their families on the web. The Tickle Bugs are "ticklish and fun."

Building Healthy Minds: The Six Experiences That Create
Intelligence and Emotional Growth in Babies and Young Children
by Nancy Breslau Lewis and Stanley I. Greenspan

Talks all about the Tickle Bug "technique."


The Tickle Bugs on the Web:

ExecutiveParent.com lists Here Come the Tickle Bugs! as one of the best outdoor reading books for kids. [more...]

Yahoo! lists Here Come the Tickle Bugs! as one of the all-time classic children's books. [more...]


The Tickle Bugs on the Radio

Uncle Sillyhead III did a live radio interview on KZSU, Stanford University's radio station.

Our contest is making headlines! The Brian Lehrer Show of WNYC in New York dedicated a whole show to the theme.