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My 6-year-old begged me to read it at least twenty times during the first few days we had it, just for that reason. Every time the page said "Here come the tickle bugs!" she squealed with delight as she was tickled too. Here's the conversation after reading it the first time: "So, did you like it?" "Yes! I love it! I love it so much! Read it again. Read it again."

--Lisa Ramaglia (ScribesWorld.com)

"My 3-1/2 year old granddaughter got Here Come The Tickle Bugs! for Christmas. We have had so much fun reading it together! Not only is it great to read(and tickle), but the play spills over to our daily activities. When she does something silly, I will say "You know what happens to kids who are silly..." and Nora says (with glee!) "They get tickles!" and she's laughing even before the Tickle Bugs attack. Sometimes, I'm the silly one, and Nora tickles me. It's become a wonderful addition to our lives. Thanks!"

- Leigh, Old Greenwich, CT

"I purchased two copies for each of my children, one to read and love and the other to put away and cherish once they are older! The author actually autographed them for me!!!! My kids love the bright colors and simple easy to follow text. I was a preschool teacher while completing my education and now I am the Superintendent of a large East Bay School District! I can't wait till Uncle Sillyhead comes out with more books! This is a definite 'To Buy' book for anyone that cherishes reading time with their children. This is a great first reader book for all!"

-A Reader from BN.com

"Ticklebugs captivated my 11 month old's attention. He sat on my lap and giggled at each and every Ticklebug...he especially liked Rosco."

- Jennifer Westwood, MA